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Post  Rocko on Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:49 am

-Want a chance to save SpongeBob and get it through to the staff that we want Stephen Hillenburg back as the director of the show?! Well, you can stop wishing and it can finally become a reality if you join this page!
To show the SpongeBob staff AND Nickelodeon that we want Stephen Hillenburg back as the director of the show!
In 1984, Stephen Hillenburg formed the basis of SpongeBob SquarePants whilst teaching and studying marine biology at the Ocean Institute in California where he wrote a comic strip called The Intertidal Zone in which the characters would become the basis of the SpongeBob characters!

Whilst working on the show Rocko's Modern Life, Hillenburg finally decided to develop the series in 1996 called SpongeBoy, until he found out it was copyrighted, so he decided to call it SpongeBob SquarePants named after a character Stephen made in the Intertidal Zone! Hillenburg actually decided to pitch the show to Nickelodeon in 1998 and they greenlit it for a first season which would be premiered after the Kids Choice Awards in 1999(May 1st)

During 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003, the show continued to gain more popularity and so much that they made a movie in 2004 which was probably the last good thing of SpongeBob to surface the mainstream! The movie proved to be a huge success and was originally intended to be the series finale, until Nickelodeon ordered a 4th season of the show......

However, Hillenburg left the show in 2005 for some reason, he didn't want to continue with the show, so Paul Tibbitt took over and did seasons 4 to whichever season there is today! However, ever since Paul Tibbitt took over, the show has gone downhill and I know most people think so as well, these are the reasons why it has gone downhill:

Storylines-The writers can't come up with decent storylines anymore, instead they come up with mean-spirited episodes such as "Gone" and "Funny Pants" which have actually made TRUE SpongeBob fans like us not want to watch the show anymore! Can't they come up with a decent storyline?! The writers wrote excellent storylines/plots for episodes during the Hillenburg era, and ever since Tibbitt took over, the episode plots have been LAME!

SpongeBob and Patrick- Oh my god! Now this is what annoys me the most: in the early episodes, SpongeBob(and sometimes) Patrick cried occasionally in the old episodes(aka the Hillenburg era) for a REASON! There were always reasons why either of them cried in the old episodes and making them childish in the movie was funny and all but again ever since Paul Tibbitt took over, SpongeBob and Patrick do NOTHING but cry every episode(mainly SpongeBpb)! I'm surprised if there isn't an episode these days where SpongeBob cries his eyes out and it's actually REALLY annoying! SpongeBob is not meant to be a crybaby, he cried occasionally in the old episodes as I said before but it was for a reason but in the new episodes, it's either for no reason or a stupid reason! They even dedicated an episode to him crying and I just can't stand it, they completely changed SpongeBob's character! Patrick, what bugs me about Patrick's character these days is that he's a bit smarter than these days than dumb! What happened to the dumb ol' Patrick that we used to know and love?!?!?! The whole point of his character is to be stupidly funny, not this monstrosity!

SpongeBob and Patrick's voices- Now THIS has been bugging me for a long time! Ever since the movie and ever since Paul Tibbitt took over, SpongeBob's voice became higher than it was but in such an annoying way: We loved the old SpongeBob voice, it made his character so much more interesting! This is actually aimed at Tom Kenny who voices SpongeBob himself, why did you make SpongeBob's voice higher?!?!?! It's not your fault the new episodes are rubbish or anything, but still, we loved the old voice, not the annoying high pitched one! Patrick's voice is slightly different, I can't put my finger on it, sometimes he sounds the same, sometimes he sounds different and it's just ugh!

Mean-spirited: I just find the new episodes mean-spirited, I mean whenever Squidward wants to do something, SpongeBob and Patrick just ruin it and I know they've done that in "Opposite Day" but that was funny! I also found the episode "Gone" mean-spirited because I thought Squidward was the only one who couldn't stand him?!?!?!?!?! What made SpongeBob so good is that it was also light hearted as well as funny, this has just ruined the show for me and I bet it has for you too!

Us true SpongeBob fans have been waiting too long for the new episodes to get better and unfortunately it's not working! So me and my friends thought up an idea to make SpongeBob the show it once was again: Basically making a page to show how many SpongeBob fans want our beloved creator back as the director of the show! Stephen Hillenburg is a creative genius, he made a show that was true entertainment and ever since Paul Tibbitt replaced Stephen as the director, the show has become an imitation of what it once was! That's not right: Remember years ago when you've had a bad day and watching SpongeBob would cheer you up?! And now look at the show: The characters are now unlikeable, SpongeBob is actually annoying in an annoying way rather than a funny way, same with Patrick! The episodes are unbearable, the jokes aren't as witty as they once were, and I think it's time we show the SpongeBob staff and Nickelodeon that we want Stephen Hillenburg back as the director, we also need to convince Stephen that we want him back too because without him, the show is a bunch of barnacles!

What you could do to help: "Like" this page and post Youtube videos about this page, I know I'll be doing so myself! =) -

Join the page and you ALL can have FREE KRABBY PATTIES! SpongeBob

Love from the creators of this project: Zachary Lane, Hetty Bobcat, Katie Folk and Deidre Mensah!

Support the cause at...


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Restoring The Sponge... Empty Good idea

Post  ferbert on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:26 pm

this sounds like a good idea!!...I support it 100%

I would love if Steve would come back and restore the show..Paul ruined it, I feel...


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