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Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie revival!

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Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie revival! Empty Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie revival!

Post  Rocko on Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:42 am

Let's help out the other guys!

-The Jungle Movie was going to be the second Hey Arnold movie. (The Hey Arnold the first Movie was intended to be a TV movie while the Jungle Movie was to be released in theaters.) But, Nick pushed for the Hey Arnold the first Movie to be in theaters. In the episode "The Journal" Arnold finds his father's journal and reads with his grandfather finally giving the viewers as well as Arnold a clue of how his parents were and why didn’t they ever come back from san Lorenzo. Arnold finds a map which was left in the journal which he shouts “Grandma, grandpa I found a map”

The fans expected to see the movie but were disappointed due to Nickelodeon canceling all plans about it because of a disagreement between Nickelodeon and the creator of Hey Arnold Craig Bartlett. In 2012 Craig Bartlett had a recent interview he said. “Fans, If you write a letter to Nickelodeon, don’t be abusive and say they (nickelodeon) are clueless. Say something really nice like “I love watching your shows on Nickelodeon, especially Hey Arnold and I want you to make more, something like that”

In the show Hey Arnold they have replace the child voice actors including Arnold a few times, Francesca Smith even said on Reddit that she would love to do the Jungle Movie. (A woman’s voice doesn’t change as much as a man’s voice plus she was 17 the last time she played Helga)-

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