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General Rules of The Reptar Wagon.

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General Rules of The Reptar Wagon. Empty General Rules of The Reptar Wagon.

Post  Rocko on Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:01 pm

Yes, every forum needs rules.

1. No spamming: Unless it's in the spamming section, BUT rules #2-8 apply to the spam thread.

2. No pornography: This is about a kids network for crying out loud. But discussion about adult shows are allowed (Keep it mild please).

3. Foul / Bad Language: There should not be a need for any type of foul / bad language within your posts, so please keep it PG-13. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be warned and possibly banned. Please remember that this is a PG-13 forum, not a adult hangout.

4.Bumping / Invisible Bumping / Double Posting: We do not allow any form of bumping within 24 hours of your last post, this includes invisible bumping where the member posts to bump the topic up and then deletes the post. In regards to double posting; please use the "modify" button to edit your previous post. Sometimes double posting is necessary, but please try and avoid it. If we find any members bumping a topic up within 24 hours, then that topic will be locked and you will not be allowed to create a new topic until 3 hours are up.

5. Respect: Respect the staff & they'll respect you.

6. Flaming: No flame wars.

7. Listen: Follow the staff directions.

8. No Racism: We respect everyone here... except bots.

9. You are not allowed multiple accounts UNLESS given permission by one of the staff. If you have problems logging in/registering, contact one of the Admins, (Rocko, or TommyPickles) and we will fix it for you. Alternatively you can do 'Lost your password', and proceed with the instructions.

10. No fights between the members, fight it out in PM, not in the topics. Heated debates are allowed, but don't get crazy & insult them.

More rules, can, & will be posted here, at anytime, if needed.

The staff has a right to give you a infraction if these rules aren't followed. Admins have a right to terminate your account if necessary. Understand, we are the staff, it's our purpose. We are the only ones subjected to not following the rules, ONLY when necessary.

The most important rule is... HAVE FUN! Very Happy

If you encounter any problems, or see anybody not following the rules, PM someone from the Staff team as soon as possible. Although it's not forbidden, please try not to backseat mod. Thank you.


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